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Duel Fantasy is a brawler with a collectable card game twist!
Build a deck, then summon monsters and use spells in real-time combat!


  • Deck-building: Design a deck and customize your strategy from 40+ monster and spell cards! Endless possibilities with every game!
  • Real time combat: Execute your game plan in an intense 2 minute face-off. Gain mana, summon monsters and activate spells in real time!
  • Various Stages: Overcome unique challenges with each map. Strategize your deck for any battleground!
  • Local Multiplayer: Play with friends while mastering the art of Dueling!
  • Single Player Campaign: Challenge various opponents with unique game play approaches!



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Inscribed Games is an artist & programmer duo based in Toronto, Canada focused on creating beautiful, charming, illustrated games for friends and loved ones.

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